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Why would you give these united snakes, the very system that has killed more of the citizens simultaneously with the citizens of multiple different countries, the notion they could incase you willingly on the notion that their keeping the enemy out when the enemy is the very system that has your dumb ass protesting for them to imprison you!

I swear mofos be begging to be caged…why would you try to keep people out of a place but turn around and take a flight or boat to theirs…don’t forget the terrorist acts committed on the united snakes of amerikkka sole (and globally) has been carried out by the racist white citizens who claim this as their home soil!

But you want a wall to keep a group of people out that has already been here generationally! Hatred is a disease and antiblack has it!

First, and foremost, the solution to racism is not a bridge, racism has already closed that gap. That is why melanin can’t obtain true wealth and pass it down to their descendants because of white controlled obstacles.

In my opinion, we tend to treat diseases like it’s a baby when in all actuality it’s a huge bully exerting their distain for their host…the pat the mean racist on the hand and say at at era is dead, over here anyway!

Trying to make someone care who doesn’t is wasting valuable time when we could be spending our time focusing on our needs and teaching ourselves defensive and survival technics.

In other words, turning our backs and not acknowledging mistreatment while having the skills and resources to protect ourselves from their attacks.

No more, feeling sorry for the racist and showing them the love they lack, fuck that bullshit! Stop wasting time on worthless issues and start exerting your efforts on strengthening the ppl who could easily be potential victims of these hateful deeds!

We need sooo many solutions but a strong start concerning our journey to moor prosperity is turning our backs, walking away from their hatred and leaving it alone to starve to death! We must lead our materialism else where, sad but true!!!!!

We’ve allowed hatred to tell us what is and isn’t valuable, it’s time we stop depending on and believing white lies while exercising taught self hatred!!! I’m not saying it’s going to be easy but nothing worth having is!

Sometimes the solution is in another direction…

It was around 1970 in Deerfield, Ill., and Ms. Sandberg told her youngest child a closely guarded secret about a choice the family had made, one fueled by the racial tensions of the era, that sent a black girl and the white girl that took her place on diverging paths.

Decades later, the journeys of the two women tell a nuanced story of white hatred in Amerikkka, one that complicates facts about white privilege and black hardship…
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The root cause of trauma and sickness comes from ones commitment to defending a culture that is not their OWN. Living a foreign and alien culture while you despise and condemn your own is simply MENTACIDE (mental insanity). We have been running away from the truth for so long that many of us now think the lies we have been telling ourselves are actually true. But any philosophy that teaches a nation of people to reject their own ancestors and heritage in favor of those who oppress them is a mindset that will surely destroy them and their future generations. We can look at our global Afurakan nations today, all over the world, from the Continent to the Caribbean as well as South and Central America, and we will see that we share a similar lifestyle, culture and value system. We are also facing the same challenges, conflicts and issues regardless of where we may be in the world, or what language we speak in the country of our residence. This tells us that melanated people are truly one divine family and it is our ignorance of that fact that leaves us as easy targets for others to be able to manipulate and control, both us and our resources.

The greatest wealth we have is our indigenous land and it is interesting as well that the term agriculture, which speaks directly to the cultivation and care for ones’ land, has the term culture within it. Agriculture is properly defined as:

Many of these codes of morality and social values of communal responsibility are considered law and order within the traditions of our ancestors. But many of us look down upon our indigenous traditions with disgust and shame, as if those ways of life are useless and un-necessary to us now because we feel we have ‘arrived’ and we have ‘moved up’ the ladder of success in the mainstream european world. 

Many of us accept this and end up unknowingly studying information that has been written by Europeans on our traditions, not even realizing that the information is not authentic. In fact, it is these same people who run to the four corners of the Earth to learn at the feet of our elders while we reject learning from one another because we have ego issues.

Then these same yurugu come back to the west and write books on our culture and traditions with the help and assistance of the elders they learned from and we buy those books not knowing that we are financing our own oppression.

As much as we condemn Europeans for their systematic cultural appropriation, we have to look at our own reflection in the mirror and come to terms with the ways in which we assist and encourage our own oppression, by standing idly as others steal our culture and laugh in our face as they are doing it. All the while we are downgrading ourselves calling our heritage and tradition “archaic”, “primitive”, “evil”, “wicked”, “outdated” and “backwards”. 

Meanwhile they are running all over the Continent, especially Nigeria and Benin as well as the Caribbean and South America learning and studying everything that we were taught to reject and they are paying millions of dollars for it too…

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Top 5 Misleading Claims Zoos Make…

We have come so accustomed to greed taking things for this countries instant gratification that we wouldn’t know how to live without them providing for us or our entertainment.

It’s not worth his freedom

Everything we indulge in has a demeaning background…greed literally, rapes the sea, land and air to give it’s captors a false sense of entitlement and prestige…we are addicts who was forced to live excepting lies!

Free the animals, send them back home to where they were stolen from!!!!!! Stop enslavement for profit and miscellaneous activity!

The truth is that zoos exist for profit.

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