What Is The Solution To Racism?

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First, and foremost, the solution to racism is not a bridge, racism has already closed that gap. That is why melanin can’t obtain true wealth and pass it down to their descendants because of white controlled obstacles.

In my opinion, we tend to treat diseases like it’s a baby when in all actuality it’s a huge bully exerting their distain for their host…the pat the mean racist on the hand and say at at era is dead, over here anyway!

Trying to make someone care who doesn’t is wasting valuable time when we could be spending our time focusing on our needs and teaching ourselves defensive and survival technics.

In other words, turning our backs and not acknowledging mistreatment while having the skills and resources to protect ourselves from their attacks.

No more, feeling sorry for the racist and showing them the love they lack, fuck that bullshit! Stop wasting time on worthless issues and start exerting your efforts on strengthening the ppl who could easily be potential victims of these hateful deeds!

We need sooo many solutions but a strong start concerning our journey to moor prosperity is turning our backs, walking away from their hatred and leaving it alone to starve to death! We must lead our materialism else where, sad but true!!!!!

We’ve allowed hatred to tell us what is and isn’t valuable, it’s time we stop depending on and believing white lies while exercising taught self hatred!!! I’m not saying it’s going to be easy but nothing worth having is!

Sometimes the solution is in another direction…


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