Is [Mental] Slavery The Reason Moors Only Have An Extremely Strong Materialistic Presence?

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Is [Mental] Slavery The Reason Moors Only Have An Extremely Strong Materialistic Presence?

I ask questions in hopes that it will cause more questions, which in turn would cause real solutions in the moor community. There’s a lot we need physically, mentally and financially! So much that even the truly knowledgable would have to question their learnings. There’s so much division in the moor community, so many trigger points that collapse unification and prevent progress…we’re so quick to agree with anything that means destroying loving each other.

Now, I’m speaking about our -1% that is rich (not wealthy) and have past down traditions but also the 98% that has no deep concept or interest about their stories, both fabulous, horrific, past and present! Our mentality can be dismissive at best because it isn’t about the moors we know or care about. Even though we have a variety of subjugated personalities surrounding us at any given time. Moors continue to practice the white tradition of keeping ourselves from true unification.

We won’t hold our own accountable or remove that toxic member from our lives but we won’t solely support that moor business owner or turn our back on our colonized traditions! It’s as if mentally we’ve excepted what has been given and won’t dare go against the facts that it’s fucked up that we’ve excepted the scraps, no matter how nice they are. It’s like we’ve signed off on the terms (jim crow laws contrary to separate but equal) even though there unequal and divisive towards ourselves and our descendants lives.

I’m asking moors (black people, for those who may be thinking religiously🐍) to reflect on the facts that it isn’t about what we do daily but more about what we refuse to acknowledge and take the steps to do, presently! Ultimately, taking a 360 degree look at the parts that you don’t care too and evaluating it’s place in rebuilding our communities, wholly.

As Moors we’re poisoned in these fields:

Physically we’re judgmental, which is the action of our bodies

Mentally we’re materialistic, which is the thought concerning our bodies

Financially we’re dependent, which is the belief throughout our bodies

Until collectively as individuals we attend to fixing the action, thoughts and beliefs concerning the moor body, we will remain susceptible to the ideas and plans of anyone who has decided “what we need to do” with our lives!

Subsequentially, we will always utilize what are ancestors were forced to except…we will always build off of a unstable foundation that was used for our degradation, not our prosperity!


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