This is an excerpt from chapter 5 of my book entitled, Identity – Lost in the Tears of Cretins. Melanated Truths PART II is the last portion of a two part series outlining the melanated facets of science and history, then justified with Biblical Scriptures. Melanated Truths PART II will relinquish all doubts that the Ancient Egyptians, Moses, Joseph and Jesus knew and blended with were all black melanated people.

Africa is known as the mother land because it gave birth to the human race. However, Israel solidified that aspect of Africa throughout biblical history. Whenever a child becomes hurt or scared it will naturally run to its mother for nurturing, healing and protection. Whenever Israel would suffer famines and persecution, they would run to Africa, most notably Egypt.

Egypt’s consistent catalytic role in the lives of the Hebrews is why it’s a stronghold of Eurocentric domination. YES, we know about the story of Joseph in the house of Pharaoh. YES, we know about the story of Moses in the house of Pharaoh. However, some very key aspects pertaining to the imagery associated with these stories don’t quite resonate due to Eurocentric domination.

That Eurocentric Domination means Caucasoid features are over-represented in media pertaining to Egypt.

Now because white history is so brief; that over-representation easily turns into mis-representation when ancient artifacts designed in the likeness of melanated people get mutilated to perpetuate Eurocentric dominance.

Ancient Egyptian statues of governing figures shown through mass media all seem to be mutilated in the same fashion. They’re all missing noses and no matter how intact the Ancient Egyptian artifact remains, the missing facial feature(s) is usually attributed to time, erosion or ignored altogether. However, the mutilation is too consistent to deem it a coincidence.

Above is an old photo that showcases the rarity of two Ancient Egyptian statues with fully intact noses. With the noses still intact we can plainly see that they resemble the people we refer to as sub-Saharan Africans or Africoid people. Also, with the noses intact we can plainly see that they don’t resemble the current Arab inhabitants of the region as well.

The truth of the matter is that the Arabs that inhabit northern Africa are the bastardized products of Greco-Roman and European conquests.  This is why the Arabs we commonly see today will admit that they’re a mixture of black and white.

Caucasoid conquests have always followed the agenda of, kill the man, rape the woman, and allot special priviledges and governing power to the bastard seed.  If the leader of the conquered nation comes from the seed of the conquering nation then he’ll perpetuate the subservience of the conquered nation unto the conquering nation.  The indigenous people will seek to mix with the bastard seed to partake in the privileges allotted to them.  This creates a type of classism based on complexion, where lighter skin is more desireable while darker skin gets shunned out of society.  This explains the appearance of the Arabs we commonly see today, and it explains why the Egyptians we see today don’t represent the Egyptians of ancient times.

The Egyptians that Joseph and Moses knew were shunned out of society after the Caucasoid conquests.  Even the concept of blackness was shunned out of society as well.


Egypt was originally known as Kemet, which means, the black lands.  The name was inspired by the abundance of the Nile which caused the land around it to become black and muddy.  black represented abundance and richness in that day.


Just south of the Egyptian border lies a country by the name of Sudan which is short for Bilad -al- Sudan, which means Land of Blacks. This name was given to the region by Arabic historians; it was a term used to describe the people that inhabited the region.

Even today, the inhabitants of Sudan are some of the darkest people on the face of the earth. They are indigenous to that region, meaning that they are the original inhabitants and it belonged to no other known group of people before them. Now if the Arabs we commonly see representing Egypt today are the bastard products of Caucasoid conquests proceeding the Greco-Roman era, then it’s safe to say that some of the original Egyptians looked like…


Sudan also has twice as many pyramids as current day Egypt because Sudan was also part of Ancient Egypt when it was known as Kemet.

The Sudanese people are the descendants of the pharaohs that sat on the thrones of Ancient Egypt..
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