White Hatred Is Real, Even When Their DNA Is Mixed

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I wanted to share this because it’s a perfect example of how white people suppress moor opinion while allowing any kind of white opinion.

my comment was removed because he said it violated but this white boy, who has a black great great grandmother who was raped, supports capitalism and ethnic cleansing can promote police violence against black bodies!

It’s just disgusting how white ppl support their kind giving their opinion but ours is oppressed and silenced! That bitch mark banned me for 24 hrs from posting but his 3/5 counterpart can post his heart content with no violation!

I just wish there was someplace not raggedy that I could spend my time with my ppl instead of having to deal with the suppression because I want to share and learn with my own!


He feels like it’s okay because he expresses hate for racist rhetoric but when you don’t agree with him, he places you in the dumb lane and all dumb people should be killed. Even though he doesn’t know you!

His white is definitely the dominate in the mixing and he utilizes it when it fits his need to not feel powerless! He’s a fucking coward and protected by white hatred…it must be nice to flip around like a fish out of water but instead of gills you have lungs so you can walk amongst bullshitting all the way!!!!!! They don’t respect that melanin even when it’s part of their dna…smhh


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