FLAVORED HOT WATER… Strawberry, Banana and Guava Blend

I love flavor and being able to enjoy what grows naturally in this world. I like the idea of taking the food this world has and including it in my consumption rituals. Actually being able to experience food in another way.

Since I’ve started dehydrating fruits and vegetables, they have taken me in a new direction of seasoning and consuming. Usually we only have whats available at the stores we grocery shop at and the selections are common.

It’s unheard of to see different fruits or vegetables as spices/powders, no tea blends and especially without added by products or preservatives. Being able to create my own spice powders and blends is fascinating.

I enjoy tasting the favs (fruits and vegetables) I dehydrate and figuring out what I would want to use it in or on. So whenever I get a chance I try to review my own fav.

On this day I decided to mix a fruit blend using my infuser, with strawberries, bananas, guava along with a few tsps of sugar. I heated my tall ceramic mug with spring water in my microwave and submerged it for 5 minutes.

The taste was great! The banana was prominent over the strawberry or guava but the strawberry gave the drink a nice red tint. This flavored hot drink was delicious and good for any type of occasion.


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