Theo E.J. Wilson: What Happens When A Black Man Goes Undercover In The Alt-Right?


THEO E.J. WILSON: Right after graduating college. In 2003, at a fight at a nightclub that was – did not involve me, incidences led to where I was handcuffed to a chair and beaten by Denver police. And I thought I was going to die. And the PTSD from that was pretty intense. And at the time, I was only 22. I don’t know what I’m going to do with. And literally, the reaction of my family surprised me some. Their reaction to that moment – at that moment was one to the effect of, this is what it is to be black in America, son. You know, we could go down to the precinct, and we could fuss, and we could fight, but did you get your lesson? Because you’re not going to be able to fight or win every battle. We know prayers ain’t going to cut it. We’ve been praying since we was in chains. We know cameras are not going to save the situation. Their body cameras somehow shut off. To these trolls, I wasn’t a human. I was an idea, an object, a caricature.


I also began to notice that a few of my trolls actually had brains, which made me even more curious and want to understand them even further. And although these supposed morons engaged in what appeared to be original thought, I said to myself, these guys are highly misinformed – at least, according to my knowledge. Where are these guys getting these arguments from? So he set up a fake page and pretended to be a white supremacist and attempted to understand their hatred for melanin.


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