DYK on this day in MoorStory365 that the birth of Clara Belle Williams in 1885 is celebrated on October 31st. She was an Alkebulan AbyaYala educator. Born Clara Belle Drisdale in Plum, Texas, she attended Prairie View Normal and Independent College (now Prairie View A & M University) in 1903, and was valedictorian of her 1908 graduating class. Nine years later, she married Jasper Williams, and had three sons: Jasper, James, and Charles.

Clara Belle Williams continued her education well beyond her graduation date, taking graduate level classes into the 1950s. Like most successful people Mrs. Williams provided a profound example of overcoming the usual hatred that white people practiced against #Moors. She succeeded despite significant obstacles of systematic oppression placed before her while pursuing her higher education, smhh. Williams’ three sons all went to college and graduated with medical degrees. They went on to found the Williams Clinic in Chicago, Illinois. Clara Belle Williams went on to receive many honors during her lifetime.  In 1961, New Mexico State University named Williams Street on the main campus in her honor.

Clara Belle Williams passed away July 3, 1994 at the age of 108😮. The first Clara Belle Williams Day was celebrated on February 13, 2005 at NMSU. Included in the festivities was the renaming of the NMSU English Building as Clara Belle Williams Hall.


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