Whitney And Bobby Brown Are The Epitome of True Love.

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I don’t care what anyone says… Whitney Houston and Bobby Brown truly loved each other. They were a woman and man who’s relationship was publicly ridiculed (myself included) for things that any other celebrity wouldn’t make news for.

Through the drugs and media ousting they maintained there right to live and learn. They were a highly publicized couple of darker complexion that was put in the spot light to downgrade their union. Looking back it was wrong and no matter what it was the first real melanated couple that was living life not trying to live up to society’s (white) standards of having fame and fortune.

Even though I know that if it wasn’t for Whitney’s status Bobby wouldn’t have gotten a first look. It’s just sad that we show more respect for a fabricated melanated couple (the huxtables) but not a real couple loving through it all.

In my opinion, Whitney and Bobby Brown are a Couple of Fame that was drug through the mud because people didn’t agree with them being together but in spite of all the opposition against them, they truly loved each other💯❤️💪🏾! Long Live Real Love


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