This Is What Happens When We Don’t Discipline Children!

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Messed Up: British Kid Punches His Mother In The Face & She Starts Crying!


When I write that I wish my child would be comfortable or bold enough to even think about doing some dumb shit like this, they wouldn’t begin to understand how fucked their life would be.

Bottom line it’s your choice not to whoop your children but you should be consistent across the board and not reward them either. If your child is not worth discipline, and not that tired ass time out shit, then they should be less worthy of your awards. A child deserves more then just accolades for when they’ve done good in your eyes because regardless of your bs religious or adult beliefs, our behavior is both good and bad.

And rather you want to believe it or not “children are bad”. That doesn’t mean their horrible as an individual it just proves why we need parents to guide us when we mess up and sometimes an ass whooping is the required tool.

Spanking has become a highly debated form of discipline in recent times, with some arguing swats on the bottom are crimes. A generation ago, most kids felt the sting of a belt. Now, it’s time out. As with everything pertaining to kids, the effectiveness of discipline depends on the child.

If you want to read more visit this link: 8 Reasons To Spank Your Kids


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