T.I. states “When they figure out how to treat us, they can open back up.”

T.I. LEADS PROTEST AGAINST #HOUSTON’S RESTAURANT, THEY DISCRIMINATE AGAINST AFRICAN AMERICANS. T.I. led a big group of demonstrators in a protest against Houston’s Restaurant in Buckhead, outside Atlanta, claiming the joint treats African Americans like second class citizens. The protest was ignited after Deb Antney and Momma Dee from “Love & Hip Hop Atlanta” were denied service.  They tried to get a seating for 7 but couldn’t get a table. They say they tried to split up the group but still were blocked from being seated. #Tiny joined #TI, who said the #Alkebulan #AbyaYala community would now speak with their wallets👈🏾#thatpart. On Saturday (Oct. 7), a group of protesters, including the Hustle Gang head honcho, descended upon the Houston’s location on Lenox Road. Armed with signs and yelling, “Whose City! Our City!” they made their presence known. “We have closed the Houston’s down for the moment, indefinitely,” Tips says, in an Instagram video recorded at the protest. “When they figure out how to treat us, they can open back up.”


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