The Moor family is very important, in my opinion, especially our deep melanated women and men. Now this doesn’t mean deep melanated people are more important then our lighter or caramel complected Nubians, I just agree that having darker complected children are very important and should be a promotion in moor life. We need to see more representation in the darker woman and man having children! To make myself crystal clear I believe in family and I know not every family is blood related or traditional to religious views. My position is in supporting the re-growth of our melanin in it’s purest form and as long as we’re protecting, supporting, and advancing ourselves, I don’t downgrade a family for who is or isn’t around. Because not everyone strengthens those they have blood relations with. I believe in reality and not every women is a good mother as every man is a bad father. I think people can be toxic, selfish and unsupportive and those qualities can damage a child’s life drastically. Just because your a parent doesn’t mean you have to be together to productively raise a child, your child. We must evaluate what’s best for our children and act accordingly. Don’t destroy a child because you have an idea of what family means. I’m proud to be a Moor and I’m thankful for my ancestors and the sacrifice they made so I could learn the truth about how important I truly am! So, regardless if your single, united, or co-parenting if you truly love your children teach them about their past and put them first in your life. For it is through our mental strength we will recapture that which was stolen and hidden.


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